Really Simple Data Integration

Rapidly bake data integrations into your own processes without maintaining all the overhead. provides building blocks for connectivity, authentication, transformation and repeatability using a simple, tidy API.

Code-driven Building Blocks for Cloud Data Integration

Build Pipes, Not Infrastructure

Process data without provisioning or maintaining a server. provides an API-driven data processing framework for setting up integrations, transforming data and managing team permissions.

Work With Tools You Know and Love is... flexible. Create and deploy integrations and transformations from your code or from the command line. Execute python scripts stored on GitHub. Use the web app for managing your connections and permissions.

Integrate Services in Minutes

Effortless integration starts with easy data access. Connect to pre-built SaaS apps, file storage services and cloud-based RMDBs in a few clicks. Or, roll your own with our custom API mapper. Credentials are securely abstracted from your integration.

Share Data Without Sharing Credentials

Data projects are a team sport. enables you to invite your team into a project, set up rights and securely share data from your apps and data stores.

Take a test drive.

Try a live example on this (static) webpage:

(This pipe converts any web-based CSV file to JSON. Learn how.)

Try a live example in your terminal:

(This pipe converts any webpage into a screenshot. Learn how.)

$ npm install -g flexio@latest
$ flexio pipes run url-to-png --x-url --output data > hn.png

Explore Ways to Simplify your Cloud Data Integration

Data Conversion & Cleaning

Eliminate repetitive data wrangling tasks.

Serverless Data Feeds

Create data feeds from anywhere in minutes.

Static Site Generators

Add live, dynamic components to static websites.

Elasticsearch Mapping

Remove the pain of mapping and importing to ES.

Refreshable Data Visualization

Make charts alive with a single line of code.

Website Testing & Automation

Schedule custom testing and archiving processes.

Connect to the services you know and love

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