Hack your data busywork

Mashup APIs, reformat JSON and transform  data with cloud-based data pipes.

An elegant pipe, for a more civilized age.

Whether you call it data processing, data integration, or ETL, creating repeatable, data duct tape is a black hole of productivity.  While you’ve probably got the skills to roll your own, it’s more useful to focus core development.


Flex.io is a cloud-based framework for rapidly developing and deploying data pipes, so you can avoid data busywork and focus on stuff that matters.

An example is worth a thousand words

This simple pipe grabs an input from Dropbox, transforms it and then sends the results via API to a static web page.


Refreshable data connections in seconds

Quickly access web-based file storage and databases and connect to the SaaS services you love.

Flex.io provides a library of pre-built connections so you have quick, uniform access to data from a wide range of web services.

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