Your Data. Their Spreadsheet.

Easily share external data lookups and extracts with your team in Excel and Google Sheets. Google Sheets add-on

Boldly go where all data has gone before

Almost all data ends up in a spreadsheet; simply streamlines the process. Amplify your team's productivity with external data lookups and extracts using simple, familiar spreadsheet functions.

Data Lookups

Give your team lookups to external data tables and APIs

Supercharge standard =LOOKUP functionality by connecting to external data tables. Create instant lookups from files or even other spreadsheets in minutes. Or add some custom Python or JavaScript code to create data enrichment lookups from SaaS services, APIs, or databases.

Parse Gmail for selected keywords
Email results from website scraper
Data Extracts

Share on-demand, refreshable data extracts without sharing credentials

Streamline the extract process by delivering on-demand data directly inside your analyst's spreadsheet. Create instant extracts from data tables or other spreadsheets in minutes. Or add some custom scripts to deliver extracts to your team from APIs, file systems, or databases.

A proxy between data sources and spreadsheets mediates between external data and spreadsheets. When an analyst enters a lookup or extract function in Excel or Google Sheets, verifies permissions, processes the request, and routes data back to the spreadsheet. Almost instantly. acts as a proxy between data sources and spreadsheets
Data Routing

Distribute data directly. translates your data and code into spreadsheet functions and documentation for your team.

Instant Lookups

No code, no problem.'s enables just about anyone to create simple lookup and extract functions by simply connecting to a data table.

User Permissions

Build once, share widely. enables you to create teams, manage users, set permissions, and limit the spreadsheet functions you distribute.

Credentials Management

Keep source data secure. enables you to share data with your team while protecting database credentials, OAuth tokens, and API keys.

Out-of-the-box spreadsheet integrations

Install the Google Sheets add-on. Sign in. Easy peasy.

Designed for developers


In production in minutes

Start with a pre-built GitHub repository or bring your own Python or JavaScript functions. Securely connect to data sources and distribute spreadsheet functions to your team in no time.


Pre-built connectors and storage

Save time using the connector library with pre-packaged functions for accessing common file systems. Take advantage of local storage, automatically provisioned with every account.


Easy version control and management works seamlessly with your existing GitHub repositories. Build functions in your IDE and use source control to manage logic. Simply mount your function from to run your code.


Helpful background functions

Easily deploy functions that move or accumulate data from APIs, databases, and local storage. Schedule to refresh regularly and utilize these data stores for your spreadsheet functions.


Out-of-the-box add-ons

Get your team up and running in minutes with pre-built add-ons for Excel and Google Sheets. You provide the logic; they simply log-in and start using the platform they're most comfortable with.


Zero server maintenance

Distribute your functions to spreadsheets instantly without provisioning and managing servers. Focus on your core code, not server infrastructure or the interworkings of spreadsheet SDKs.