The API for Data Feeds

Build serverless data feeds in minutes

Move, process and integrate data in the cloud without worrying about infrastructure. Create scalable, serverless data feeds with a few lines of code.

Code-based custom data feeds

What is a serverless data feed?

Data feeds are simply a programmatic way to send data from here to there, like loading call logs from Twilio into Elasticsearch or copying files from Dropbox to Google Drive.

Serverless data feeds also deliver data, but without the cost of building and maintaining server infrastructure. It’s like the difference between installing network cables and hopping on a wireless connection. is an API for building smart, flexible data feeds with a few lines of code. Create and deploy data feeds instantly. No servers necessary.

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Explore templates and code examples

Building data feeds has never been easier. Snap together custom feeds using pre-built connections and building blocks for common operations. Create feeds that collect data from customers, move files automatically, extract data from web APIs and much more.


Designed for developers


Easy version control and management

All your feed logic and steps live in your code repository. Use source control to fork, customize and manage feeds; share and reuse them with your team.


Flexible execution and scheduling

Run data feeds at a set time or trigger them with an API call. Create and schedule feeds from anywhere, whether from your app, a GitHub repository or the command line.


Built-in data connections and storage

Access data and files across multiple accounts in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and other cloud storage services. Utilize built-in storage for data collection, caching and lookups.


Secure authentication

Share data without sharing credentials. Protect and manage your connection and account credentials using a secure, permission-based keychain.


Custom steps and logic

Add specialized logic and processing steps to your feeds using Javascript and Python. Go off-road with the full power of custom code.


Zero server maintenance

Deploy data feeds instantly without provisioning or managing servers. Manage feeds without worrying about the scalability, reliability and maintenance of data infrastructure.

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