An Elegant Pipe, for a More Civilized Age is an API-driven web service for moving and processing data files.

Eliminate manual steps and hacky scripts. Let cloud-based pipes do your dirty work.

Pipe Builder


Move data and files automatically between SaaS apps, file stores or databases.


Process data like a ninja with our core commands or custom Python code.


Schedule recurring data processing tasks or run pipes on demand via the CLI or API.

Get Started with Pipe Templates

Data pipes are a simple conduit that transport files from one place to another — often with some transformation magic in between.   Here are a few examples to get you started.


A Service for Rapidly Deploying Data Pipes

Build Pipes, Not Infrastructure

Process data without provisioning or maintaining a server. provides an API-driven data processing framework for setting up integrations, transforming data and managing team permissions.

Integrate Services in Minutes

Effortless integration starts with easy data access. Simply connect to SaaS apps, file storage services and cloud-based RMDBs in a few clicks without having to hack multiple APIs or OAuth.

Work With Tools You Know and Love

Use pipes to do your data dirty work with the Command Line Interface or push data to a static website using the API. Build data pipes with our specialized tools or your own custom Python code.

Share Data Without Sharing Credentials

Data projects are a team sport. enables you to invite your team into a project, set up rights and securely share data from your apps and data stores.


Refreshable data connections in seconds

Quickly access web-based file storage and databases and connect to the SaaS services you love. provides a library of pre-built connections so you have quick, uniform access to data from a wide range of web services.

Start building some pipes.

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