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Bring your own function, snap on some wings and make it fly. helps you deploy serverless data feeds and utilities for your end users in minutes.

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Code. Push. Assemble. Run.

Functions are your secret sauce, but they don't run in isolation. To productionalize even a weekly report, you need a host of complementary functionality—like a processing server, thousands of lines of extra code, and special libraries, not to mention ongoing maintenance. provides the orchestration of data + function + delivery to take you from function to production.

Data + Function + Delivery

Gmail + Extractor + Download

Problem: A business user has an inbox full of sales receipts and each week needs to pull out all the address information into a spreadsheet for marketing.

Function: Access the API and extract the key data from each email (Python)

Production: provides the OAuth token for the API, processing, front-end for user Gmail account login and download for the resulting CSV file.

Parse Gmail for selected keywords
Email results from website scraper
Data + Function + Delivery

Website + Scraper + Email

Problem: A company needs to review thousands of website links each week and it takes multiple people hours to review manually.

Function: Web scraping (Python with BeautifulSoup)

Production: provides execution of the function, cron for scheduling and the weekly notification email with attachment.

Data + Function + Delivery

Customer File + Validation + Email

Problem: Collect customer files so analysts can compile and review. However, customer data is often dirty and takes hours to manually fix.

Function: Validation script with basic file checks (Python), plus a simple HTML front end form to accept file uploads.

Production: provides an API endpoint to receive customer files, execution of the validation script and returned response, and delivery of validated files to end users' inboxes.

Validate entries from customer list and email cleaned results
Focus on core code

I got 99 problems but a function ain't one is Function as a service (FaaS) for all those end-user requests you have buzzing around but never have the time to get done.

Knocking out the function is the easy part. But if you don't want to run it locally, you're faced with firing up a server and coding a bunch of other functions to automate it. Of course, you could also dive into a scale-first serverless platform, but then you'd need to bring along all the required gateway, authentication, database and notification resources too.

Each of these options are appropriate for certain types of applications. But for most data delivery processes, frankly, it's overkill. was built for this class of end user application, providing an end-to-end serverless toolkit that gets you in production in no time.

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Designed for developers


In production in minutes

Bring your own function; utilize to extend and integrate it with other common functional building blocks. Breaking down complex processes into simpler components means faster time to deployment.


Flexible execution and scheduling

Run data feeds on demand, on schedule or via API call. Or delegate data delivery management and authentication to your end users with a simple runtime view that hides all your wiring.


Instant connectivity and pre-built functions

Quickly fire off HTTP requests and handle OAuth refresh tokens. Utilize the out-of-the-box connector library with pre-packaged functions for accessing common file systems.


Easy version control and management

Build your function in your IDE with your language in your code repository. Use source control to fork, customize and manage logic; simply link your function to and run.


Out-of-the-box local storage

Take advantage of local storage automatically provisioned with every account. Build functions that persist, aggregate and compare data across calls.


Zero server maintenance

Deploy data feeds and utilities instantly without provisioning and managing servers. Focus on your core code, not the scalability or reliability of data infrastructure.

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