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APIs are eating the world. And yet, building and deploying a data feed can feel pretty old school.

Spin up a server. Provision a database. Install processing libraries and dependencies. Figure out OAuth. Write a bunch of code. Maintain everything forever.

At Flex.io, our mission is to help developers rapidly build scalable, serverless data feeds with just a few lines of code, so you can spend your development time where it counts.

Meet the Team

We've got a small (but mighty!) team, experienced in the dark arts of enterprise data processing and integration. We're eager to make the world of delivering data a better place.

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Nate Williams

Founder & CEO

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Ken Kaczmarek

Founder & COO

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Aaron Williams

Founder & Developer

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Ben Williams


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Dave Williams


Wanna join our rag tag team working on data feed innovation? Shoot us a note!

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