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External Lookups and Data Extracts as Spreadsheet Functions

Our Story

We’ve seen it time and again.

For the bulk of business data delivery, you have hefty data warehouses, BI systems and all the associated wiring. But for the rest, you have a patchwork of data extracts… and the humble spreadsheet.

Unfortunately, this long tail of enterprise data demand is both inefficient and unsecure. Extracts are dumped onto network drives or emailed as attachments. End users manually import and massage data to create their reports. And the weekly cycle never gets quite enough internal priority to become automated.

Flex.io’s mission is to streamline this process.

With Flex.io, data owners can quickly set up data feeds from APIs, databases and file systems, while controlling user permissions and source credentials. Data users receive on-demand, refreshable lookups and extracts using simple, familiar spreadsheet functions and can automate their processes.

Meet the Team

We’ve got a small (but mighty!) team, experienced in the dark arts of enterprise data processing and integration. We’re eager to make the world of delivering data a better place.

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Nate Williams

Founder & CEO

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Ken Kaczmarek

Founder & COO

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Aaron Williams

Founder & Developer

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Ben Williams


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Dave Williams


Wanna join our rag tag team working on data delivery innovation? Shoot us a note!

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