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Isabelle is a data journalism intern at looking into how data shapes investigative reporting in Chicago and beyond. Fueled by coffee, she writes, researches and decimates the office supply of fruit snacks. You’re likely to find her climbing rocks in her free time.

Joe Germuska: On Developing Data Tools and Making Data Adaptable

September 8, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Joe Germuska is Executive Director at the Knight Lab at Northwestern University, or as he calls it, “Chief Nerd”. Starting out as a programmer, he got into journalism in 2009 while working at the Chicago Tribune developing news applications and interactive data sites, such as “Crime in Chicagoland“, which aimed to make all reported crime data in the Chicagoland area searchable and more transparent. Joe was also the project lead for Census Reporter, a project funded by the Knight News Challenge that makes it easier for journalists and the public to access data from the U.S. Census.

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Andy Boyle: On Developing Data Apps and Presenting Data

August 23, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Andy Boyle is a full-stack web developer for NBC’s and has worked for a range of publications, including the Chicago Tribune and New York Times. Andy specializes in developing data apps such as the Chicago Tribune Election Center, which tracks election data and news. Other notable work he’s done includes an interactive crime map for the City of Chicago, which tracks shootings and crime in the greater Chicagoland area, and a parole decision app for the Boston Globe that simulates the parole decision-making process for second-degree murderers.

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Jonah Newman: Collaborating on Data Projects

August 17, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Jonah Newman is a database reporter for the Chicago Reporter. His recent joint project on police misconduct settlements is an ambitious endeavour to make these cases more transparent by providing lawsuit data going back to 2012 in an easily searchable and sortable database. Jonah’s criminal justice coverage in the City of Chicago has included stories on racial profiling by the University of Chicago police department, and data visualizations on youth opinions on police and gun violence. Previously a database reporter at the Chronicle of Higher Education in Washington DC, Jonah started out in Chicago, at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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Tim Broderick: On Data Projects and Probing Illinois School Data

August 4, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Tim Broderick is the Editor of Data Journalism and Graphics at the Daily Herald where he also reports extensively on education issues. His ambitious data project, the “Poverty-Achievement Index”, is a joint analysis between the Herald and WBEZ, measuring the link between poverty and school achievement in elementary and high schools across the State of Illinois.

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Daniel Hertz: Demographic Data and Slim Margins of Error

August 2, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Daniel Hertz is a Senior Fellow at the City Observatory, a website and think tank devoted to data-driven analysis of cities and the policies that shape them. A recent graduate of the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago, Daniel writes extensively on urban issues in the City of Chicago. His original research and data visualizations have been cited by the Chicago Tribune and Toronto Star among others. Most recently, he’s launched The Chicago Dispatch, an online publication that publishes interviews, essays and articles about the Windy City.

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Matt Kiefer: Anachronisms, Data Exclusivity and Teaching the Best Tools

July 28, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Matt Kiefer is a data editor for The Chicago Reporter, an investigative news outlet that focuses on race, poverty, and income inequality in Chicago and beyond. Previously also at the Chicago Sun-Times and a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) researcher at the Better Government Association, a Chicago-based investigative journalism non-profit organization, Matt spent two years as a software programmer before returning to the field of journalism where he now contributes to key data-driven reporting such as the Reporter’s recent “Settling for Misconduct“.

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Alex Richards: On Data Tools, Challenges, and Being Skeptical

July 21, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

Alex Richards is an investigative data reporter at NerdWallet, a personal finance website that empowers people to make and manage financial decisions. His previous work at the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), and publications like the Chicago Tribune and the Las Vegas Sun, such as his reporting on Las Vegas hospitals whitewashing life-threatening complications, have earned him accolades such as a Pulitzer Prize nod in the local reporting category and a shared FOI medal from IRE for his more recent work on a truancy epidemic in Chicago.

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Civic Hacking: Catching Up with Chi Hack Night

June 30, 2016 by Isabelle Lim

If you haven’t already heard of Chi Hack Night, you probably should.

Originally known as Open Gov Hack Night, this weekly gathering of open data aficionados, data scientists and civic technology mavens is a fixture in the Chicago data ecosystem. The community shares a common mission “to build, share and learn about tools to create, support, and serve the public good.”

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