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Adding Dynamic Content to a Static Web Page

February 06, 2017 by Dave Williams

Cloud-based data pipes are, by nature, pretty flexible and able to handle a bunch of different kinds of data busywork. One of those uses is to spin up dynamic content without spinning up a server. This makes it possible to host a rich, interactive website on static backends like S3, GitHub, or Forge.

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Lessons from the Data Ecosystem: Part 2

January 04, 2017 by Nate Williams

In my previous post, I covered some recurring themes from our conversations with different user communities in the data ecosystem, which highlight common facets of data projects.

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What We've Learned from Exploring the Data Ecosystem: Part 1

December 07, 2016 by Nate Williams

As we’ve progressed through our private beta, one of the most fruitful activities has been talking with folks in different user communities about their data projects. This has had a profound impact on our product vision and roadmap (including a few major pivots).

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We're Reinventing the Query Builder (Well, Kinda)

November 16, 2016 by Nate Williams

Ah, remember the query builder?

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Talking With Data Journalists: 5 Takeaways from Our Summer Research Project

September 15, 2016 by Nate Williams

Over the summer, we embarked on a research project to learn more about data journalism and how data journalists work with data.

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Data Journalism Survey Results: Crunching the Numbers

September 12, 2016 by Nate Williams

During our summer research project, we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 15 data journalists about their work so far.  And while we’ve been hearing fascinating stories and learning a lot about how they work with data, we also wanted to put some numbers to these conversations. Enter our Data Journalism Survey.

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