COVID-19 spreadsheet integrations

Search and filter worldwide data for COVID-19 cases and tests in your spreadsheet

COVID-19 spreadsheet data

Get worldwide COVID-19 data in your spreadsheet

With our COVID-19 spreadsheet integration for Excel and Google Sheets, you can quickly import COVID-19 data from open data repositories published by Johns Hopkins University, the New York Times, and Our World in Data. You get immediate access to up-to-date data for COVID-19 cases and tests directly in your spreadsheet.


  1. Interactively search and filter worldwide COVID-19 data
  2. Instant access to current and historical data
  3. Access data from multiple repositories with one function
  4. Import statistics for confirmed cases, deaths, and tests

Import data with a formula

Importing data is as simple as using any other spreadsheet formula. Just add the =FLEX() function to a cell in your spreadsheet and it will automatically load the data you request.

How works

Search and filter all data

Our spreadsheet integration loads and consolidates the entire range of source files in the open data repositories and provides built-in filter capabilities. As a result, you can search and filter the full data set simply using the formula. Here’s a quick look at how it works:

Demo video for the COVID-19 integration