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Crunchbase spreadsheet data

Instantly load Crunchbase data in your spreadsheet

With our Crunchbase spreadsheet integration for Excel and Google Sheets, you can quickly select and import data from the Crunchbase API using your own custom query criteria. No data integration or IT project needed. You get immediate access to the Crunchbase data you want directly in your spreadsheet.

So long, CSV extracts

Type a formula and get instant access to data from Crunchbase Excel add-on

Import data with a formula

Importing data is as simple as using any other spreadsheet formula. Just add the =FLEX() function to a cell in your spreadsheet and it will automatically load the Crunchbase data you request.

How works

Query Crunchbase data

Our spreadsheet integration provides access to the full range of data available from the Crunchbase API. As a result, you can search and query every part of the Crunchbase data set with a single formula. Here’s a look at how it works:

Demo video for the Crunchbase integration

Get started with a template

We have a range of spreadsheet templates available to help with specific tasks, from looking up investment rounds to enriching a contact list. For quick introduction to working with Crunchbase data, check out these templates:

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