$ flexio pipes run flexio-docs *.c *.js *.py *.php

Make cloud-based pipes do your bidding–with the tools you know and love.

Quick Start

Quickly get started with Flex.io.  Start building pipes, working with the API and using pipes from your command line in a few minutes.

Web App

Learn how to use the web application to manage projects and build pipes.  In addition, the Web App docs contain syntax for all Commands and Functions.

API Reference

Get in the weeds with Flex.io’s REST API and SDKs, including authentication, parameters, response formats and errors.

Command Line

Start using Flex.io in your command line.  Click here to head to the download options for your developer environment, including npm or binaries.


Need any help or clarification?  Just shoot us an email at support@flex.io and our devs we’ll lend you a hand.