This guide provides various data feed examples by way of code snippet. These examples provide simple code snippets that you can copy and use in your own code. If you need any further examples, feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

Getting Started

Hello World

Use echo to output text:

Executing Code

Use python to execute python:

Use javascript to execute javascript:

Converting Files

Use convert to convert files from one format to another; here’s how to convert a CSV file to JSON:

Sending Email

Use email to send an email notice:

Listing Files

Use list to read the directories and files in cloud storage:

Reading and Writing to Files

Use read to read from a file in cloud storage:

Use write to write to a file in cloud storage:

Transforming Content

These examples shows how to use execute Python to filter, clean, transform, and summarize data in a CSV file. Using operations similar to these, you can clean CSV data before it’s loaded into a database, validate CSVs and route them based on their content, or you can expose the cleaned JSON as an API endpoint.

Add/Remove Columns

Filter Rows

Transform Values

Calculate Totals

Create a Pivot Summary

Returning Content

These examples show how to create an API endpoint that returns content from various sources.

Selected Content

Webpage Snapshots

Here’s how to return a PNG image snapshot of a full webpage:

Here’s how to return a thumbnail of a webpage with a particular size:

Webpage Keywords

Data Plots