Quick Start

Quick Start


Welcome to Flex.io!

Flex.io is an API-driven service that makes it simple and fast to integrate your app with the machinery of the web.

Using Flex, you can put together information from APIs your way. You can connect to APIs, cloud based file storage, and other resources, and easily build and wrap functions on top of these services that deliver content the way you want.

Ready to jump in? This page gives you a quick introduction on how to get started.


The examples below use the Javascript SDK. To get going, you’ll need to do the following:

To install the Javascript SDK using the npm package manager, simply type in the following command at the command prompt:

For more detailed information, check out the API reference.

Basic Examples

Let’s run through a few simple examples. First, initialize Flex.io in your app with your API key:

Now we can begin by echoing “Hello, World” to your app:

In Flex.io, pipes are a collection of tasks that run sequentially. Pipe input is passed to the first task, then the output of that task is passed to the next task and so on, until the tasks are finished and the pipe returns the resulting output.

For example, this pipe generates a PNG image of a webpage and returns the image file:

Using pipes, you can run multiple tasks you define in sequence, including making requests from web links and API endpoints directly as well as performing basic operations on daa, such as converting from one format to another.

You can execute Javascript or Python code as a pipe task, including reading and writing from cloud based storage and processing data. Pipe input is passed to a Javascript or Python task via standard in and the results are passed back to the pipe via standard out.

For example, this pipe uses Javascript to process a CSV file loaded from a web link:

Here’s an example of a pipe that executes some basic Python code: