Enrich an email list with company data

Add company data from Crunchbase to a list of email addresses

Instructions for using the template

Get company data in a few steps

Do you want to know more about a set of email contacts, like the name of the company they work for and how large it is? This template fills in your spreadsheet with this information in just a few steps using company data from Crunchbase.

How it works

When you get the template, it will open in Excel or Google Sheets. Next, add your list of email addresses to Column A the spreadsheet. Finally, extend the =FLEX() formula in Column C to all the rows you’ve added and it will automatically load the data from Crunchbase.

What's needed

You need to have an Crunchbase Enterprise API key to use this template. Also, if you haven't already installed the add-on for Excel or Google Sheets, you need to set this up as well.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope! This template works right out of the box without any custom setup or code.


Need help with a Crunchbase function? Check out the Crunchbase functions and syntax documentation.

Need help?

Have questions? Need help getting started? Need other Crunchbase templates or functions for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets? Chat with us; we're happy to help!