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Pipedrive in your spreadsheet

Import live, refreshable data from your Pipedrive account in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Import Pipedrive data in your spreadsheet

This collection of Pipedrive spreadsheet functions enables you to collect or analyze data from your Pipedrive account directly from your spreadsheet. For example, pull in on-demand, refreshable extract lists from Pipedrive. Or, enrich existing data in your spreadsheet with lookups from Pipedrive.

Learn more about Pipedrive spreadsheet functions and syntax here.

Getting Started

Flex.io makes it easy to create, use and share custom spreadsheet functions that import data from services you know and love. Click on the button below to use the Pipedrive function collection with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Please note that you'll need a Pipedrive account to use this integration.

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Functions and Syntax

This integration for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets includes the following functions:

PipeDrive Deals List

Returns a list of deals from PipeDrive


=FLEX("YOUR_TEAM_NAME/pipedrive-list-deals", [properties])


Property Type Description Required
properties array The properties to return (defaults to all properties). See "Notes" for a listing of the available properties. false

Sample Usage


The following properties are available:

  • deal_name: Deal name
  • deal_owner: Deal owner
  • deal_status: Deal status
  • amt: Amount
  • amt_home: Amount in home currency
  • lost_reason: Lost reason
  • close_date: Close date
  • pipeline_id: Pipeline ID
  • participants_cnt: Number of contacts
  • activities_cnt: Number of activities
  • last_activity_date: Last activity date
  • next_activity_date: Next activity date
  • created_date: Created date
  • updated_date: Last activity date

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