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Product Hunt in your spreadsheet

Import live, refreshable data from Product Hunt into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Import Product Hunt data into your spreadsheet

Product Hunt is the premier website that enables users share and discover new products. This Product Hunt spreadsheet integration for Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel enables you to import product and user information from Product Hunt. This add-on will enable you to integrate on-demand, refreshable data without leaving your spreadsheet.

Click here to learn more about the specific syntax for each of the Product Hunt spreadsheet functions.

Getting Started makes it easy to create, use and share custom spreadsheet functions that import data from services you know and love. Click on the button below to use the Product Hunt function collection with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Please note that you'll need a Product Hunt account to use this integration.

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Functions and Syntax

This integration for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets includes the following functions:

Product Hunt List Posts

Returns a list of producthunt posts for today


=FLEX("YOUR_TEAM_NAME/producthunt-list-posts", [properties])


Property Type Description Required
properties array The properties to return (defaults to all properties). See "Notes" for a listing of the available properties. false

Sample Usage

=FLEX("YOUR_TEAM_NAME/producthunt-list-posts", "*")
=FLEX("YOUR_TEAM_NAME/producthunt-list-posts", "id, name, url, tagline")


The following properties are allowed:

  • id: the id for the product post
  • name: the name of the product being featured
  • url: the url of the product being featured
  • tagline: the tagline of the product being featured
  • description: a description of the product being featured
  • createdAt: the date the product post was created
  • featuredAt: the date the product was featured

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