Create an API from a CSV

Read a CSV file as JSON from a single call in your client code. Load data from CSVs into HTML tables, visualizations, or other components.

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Pre-process CSVs

Filter, transform, and format the data serverside to easily load data into components and increase responsiveness.

Hide location and content

Hide the CSV location by reading the data serverside. Filter or mask your data before the data is returned to the client.

Reduce bandwidth

Reduce bandwidth and increase speed by moving CSV processing serverside. Only return the data you need.

Get started in 3 easy steps


Prototype and test your pipe

  • We’ve started you out with a pipe that creates a JSON API endpoint from one of our sample CSV files. Click the TEST button to see the output.
  • In the Tasks Panel, change the URL in the Request step to the URL of your CSV file and save your changes.
  • Click the TEST button once more to see if the output looks the way you want it to look.

CSV Request


Deploy your pipe

  • Turn your pipe on by clicking the ON/OFF toggle button next to the TEST button on in the Deployment Panel.
  • Click the Run using an API endpoint checkbox. A list of helpful information for referencing this pipe via an API endpoint will shown.
  • Copy the URL under REST and paste it into a new browser window to see your result.

Deploy CSV file as a JSON API endpoint