On-demand data for your spreadsheet

Get live, refreshable data from any API in Excel and Google Sheets

Spreadsheet data from the web

So long, CSV extracts

Type a formula and get instant access to data from your web apps

Flex.io Google Sheets add-on

What is Flex.io?

Flex.io is a cloud service for directly integrating data from web apps into Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. No need to write any code. Flex.io automatically loads a live, refreshable set of data using pre-built integrations. Simply type a formula and get data from any web app or API without leaving your spreadsheet.

How Flex.io works

Import data with a formula

Importing data from your web apps is as simple as using any other spreadsheet formula. Just add the =FLEX() function to a cell in your spreadsheet and it will automatically load the data you request. See how it works:

Enrich data in a spreadsheet with API lookups

On-demand data from the web

Using Flex.io, you can enrich your spreadsheet with the vast set of data resources on the web. Here are two sources we’ve been tracking recently: open data repositories of COVID-19 statistics and the economic data sets on Quandl.

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