Everything you need to get your function into production

OAuth in Flex.io

Build and deploy functions for the web in a few minutes

Quick Prototyping

Go from prototype to production in one environment. Use Flex.io's web-based UI to prototype and test your functions directly.

GitHub Integration

Work seamlessly with your existing repos. Manage your functions in source control; share and reuse them with your team.

Instant Deployment

Deploy functions instantly without provisioning and managing servers. No need to build or maintain infrastructure.

Development Environment

Simplify your development workflow

Time to deployment is a lot faster when all the tools you need are in one place. Load a function directly from GitHub and use an integrated environment to test and deploy it.

  • Connect to GitHub and mount functions from private repos
  • Combine your functions with common tasks like file access, web requests, data conversions, email notifications and more
  • Prototype and test functions as much as you need; only pay for functions in production
Development environment in Flex.io
Connectivity in Flex.io

Connect to web services, API content and file stores

Save time accessing common web services and file systems. Flex.io provides the services you need to run your functions in the cloud, including managing credentials and handling OAuth refresh tokens.

  • Manage connections and credentials for multiple services and accounts
  • Access OAuth credentials without worrying about token expiration
  • Utilize out-of-the-box read/write functions for common file systems including Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox and SFTP

Use local storage for temp files, caching and staging

Take advantage of local storage provisioned with every account. Flex.io provides built-in local storage so you can write files, persist data snapshots, cache API content, create temporary files and more.

  • Read and write to major file hosting services
  • Use files directly in functions with a simple file path
  • Create functions that persist, aggregate and compare data from multiple sources
Storage in Flex.io
Deploying a pipe in Flex.io

Deploy functions as quickly as you can code them

Cut the work needed to put your code into production. No need to worry about provisioning databases and servers. When you've finished coding a function, deploy it with a single click.

  • Deploy functions instantly without provisioning and managing servers
  • Trigger functions via an API call, a webhook or an incoming email
  • Utilize a flexible scheduler to handle cron jobs

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