A Visual Framework for Building Cloud-based Data Pipes


Rapidly create multi-step data processes

Wrangling data is a lot faster when you can break down a complex process into simpler components.  Flex.io helps you build up and edit multi-step data pipes using a simple visual editor — all within the context of your data files.


Easily transform your data and preview your changes

Traditional data transformation scripts will get you where you need to go, but they take time to write and debug. Flex.io gives you an interactive set of controls to develop and deploy data pipes in minutes.


Utilize pre-build connectors for cloud databases and SaaS apps

Efficient data flows start with effortless data access. Flex.io enables you to instantly connect to SaaS apps like Dropbox or Google Drive, create connections to Web-based databases like MySQL and Postgres and run multiple files through pipes.


Share with your team without sharing your credentials

Data projects are a team sport. Flex.io makes it simple to share data with your colleagues in a private, permission-based environment.  Easily set up a project and invite your teammates, vendors or partners to share their data or a connection with a click.


Focus on core code rather than data infrastructure

Build data-driven applications in the cloud without worrying about the infrastructure for data processing. Flex.io provides an API-driven data processing framework for mashing up data from APIs and reformatting JSON, so you don’t need to recreate the wheel every time you need some data glue.

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