Convert a Web Page URL to an Image File

With the API, you can quickly read a Web Page URL and render it into a Image file like PNG or JPG; then copy to a file store.


This template shows how to generate a snapshot of a webpage as a PNG image. The pipe takes the URL for a webpage, renders it as a PNG image and returns the image file.

Code template

Common uses

  • Creating a snapshot archive of a website
  • Batch generating a set of test images to see how an entire website renders on different sizes
  • Monitoring a website to track changes and trigger a message when something changes

Extend it

Example 1

Specify a different size for a webpage screenshot.

Example 2

Render a web page to a .jpeg/.jpg file.

Example 3

Render a full-length image of a webpage.

Example 4

Create a thumbnail image for a webpage.