Send an email notification

Create a pipe to send email notifications.


This template shows how to send an email notification with a single command. You can use this to set up a simple cloud function to send email notifications triggered by an event or update.

Code template

Common uses

The email() task provides a simple way to send email notifications. Common uses for this include:

  • Sending an email notice when a batch process runs
  • Sending an email report with the results of a process
  • Sending an email to other cloud services to initiate downstream processing when no other means are available


  • The email() task should not be used for bulk messaging
  • Emails may only be sent to a maximum of 25 addresses at a time
  • Emails are sent with a 1 second delay

Extend it

Example 1

Email a PDF report of a dashboard.

Example 2

Email a CSV file as an attachment.