Set up a data feed of stock history from Google Finance

Create a serverless data feed from historical stock data from Google Finance in a JSON format.


This template shows an example of how to set up a serverless data feed from a web link. The pipe takes the URL for the historical stock data from Google Finance, loads the data as a CSV file and converts it into a JSON format.

Code template

Common uses

There are a wide variety of ways to use a data feed, from loading data into a data repository to simply setting up access to a data source in your app.

Some common uses include:

  • Loading data from a web link or an API endpoint to use in a web component or display on a webpage
  • Enriching a data set with information from different APIs or data sources on the web
  • Getting the latest information from data sources on the web
  • Setting up a data feed to keep the information in a data repository up to date

Extend it

You can set up a serverless function to run the data feed, as well as add a javascript() or python() task to a pipe to process the data in the feed.

Example 1

To create an API endpoint that runs the data feed a serverless function, save the pipe with an alias:

Later on, you can run pipe in the following manner:

Example 2

Process the data from Google Finance using Javascript to find the day that had the greatest gains for a stock.