Copy files from Dropbox cloud file storage to an Amazon S3 directory

With the API, you can quickly create a data feed that automatically copies and transfer files from Dropbox to Amazon S3 or between other cloud storage services.


This template shows how to set up a serverless data feed for transfering files between two cloud storage services. The pipe copies files from a folder in Dropbox to Amazon S3.

Code template

Common uses

  • Copying files from cloud storage used for development or staging into production
  • Transfering files across cloud storage owned by different users
  • Consolidating files into a single area for additional processing
  • Creating backup snapshots of files

Extend it

To customize how the data feed works, you can add data manipulation operations to the pipe, such as file conversion and filtering steps. For instance, you can add a filter task so that the pipe only selects a portion of the files from the source folder in Dropbox to copy to Amazon S3.