An Example is Worth a Thousand Words

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Rapidly deploy new services and functionality for your web infrastructure.

Extend the functionality of the cloud services you rely on using the best Python and Javascript libraries for the job. makes it easy to create custom functions for the web. Here are some examples.

Process data in Google Sheets

Use handy Python and Javascript libraries with Google Sheets. Process data in Google Sheets using Pandas. Create data visualizations with D3.js and Bokeh from data in Google Sheets.

Add dynamic content to GitHub Pages

Add dynamic content to static websites on GitHub Pages. Display interactive charts, visualizations, and other front-end components using the flexibilty of serverless functions.

Extract content from messages in Gmail

Extract headers, addresses, and other content from messages in Gmail. Analyze message content with Node.js and Python text mining libraries.

Update static content hosted on Amazon S3

Create file processing services for your web infrastructure. Pre-render graphs, charts and data visualizations as static content. Bulk load files from an SFTP server or cloud storage into Amazon S3 bucket.

Read and write to files in Google Drive

Create services that read and write to files in Google Drive. Set up an API endpoint to append form data to a CSV file in Google Drive. Manipulate data and images using Python and Javascript libraries.

Create automated services for Dropbox

Build custom functions for Dropbox. Perform batch processing tasks on selected files and folders. Transfer files to an SFTP server or other cloud storage services.