Automate Web Page Snapshots - Batch Convert URL to PDF

Convert Webpage to PDF

If you’re looking for a simple way to store or archive web pages for offline viewing, createing a PDF is a pretty simple solution. This can be done easily enough as a one-off task via your browser.

However, if you’re interested in creating a historical archive, you’ll need to schedule this process. helps you perform this task with a simple pipe.

Convert Any Webpage into a PDF

For this example, we’ll set up an automated process to convert a webpage url to a PDF. Let’s start building!

  1. Input from a webpage; convert to PDF

    We’ll use the ‘render’ command to convert to PDF. It takes a webpage url (in this case, Reddit) and converts it to a PDF:

    render url: format: pdf scrollbars: false
  2. Send via email attachment

    As a final step, we’ll simply output the pDF as an attachment and send them to ourselves daily via email:

    email to: [your-email-address] subject: Here are your screenshots data: attachment

    For longer term storage, it might be better to set up a connection to a file store, like Dropbox or Amazon S3.

Automating the process

You can run the process manually at any time. But, the next step is automating the process. To deploy you can do one of the following: